The GRC Social Work Services Department is a link between the patient, his or her family, and the rehabilitation treatment team. They facilitate the patient’s and family’s participation in the treatment program. The team works also with patients and their families or carers to help resolve challenges they face by building positive relationships, promoting empowerment and maximizing independence.

The GRC Social Work Team is available from Monday through Friday, and sometimes on Saturday or Sunday to provide support for the family as they adjust to the challenges of the patient’s admits at the GRC hostel.  The Social Work Services Department also facilitates a regular mentorship to the established Parents Groups with Cerebral Palsy Children, and Other Neurological Cases in Kayonza districts and neighboring communities.

GRC Social Work Department focuses mainly on the following:

  • Identify issues and risks and put in place a plan
  • Provide counseling and emotional support for issues such as adjustment to illness and disability, loss and grief, relationship stress and mental health issues
  • Help solve challenges people face, including social, financial, legal and emotional issues
  • Support vulnerable people to navigate and communicate their needs within the Center’s system
  • Provide advice, information and/or referral pathways for practical and social issues
  • Advocate for patients where service gaps are identified
  • Managing patients appointments to GRC Services