Gahini Rehabilitation Center (GRC) was established by Liz Hardinge in 1969. It was initially started as a department of Gahini hospital, under the name of Centre de Rehabilitation Fonctionnelle (CRF). However, in 1980 the center became an independent entity with the aim of addressing rehabilitation issues for Persons with Disabilities, not only in the region, but also beyond.

Like any other institution in Rwanda, the 1994 genocide of Tutsis seriously affected the rehabilitation center and its activities were halted. They only resumed in 1996 under the authority of Gahini Anglican Diocese, in partnership with CBM and Handicap International.

It is in January 2020 that Gahini Rehabilitation Center (GRC) got its Official Legal Personality Certificate from Rwanda Governance Board, which gives the right to the center to operate under the number N0 91/RGB/FBO/LP/01/2020.